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HED: Alibaba Cloud announces final nominees for AsiaStar 10×10 campaign to recognize innovation achievements in Southeast Asia

DEK: The initiative will award 100 companies, communities, and projects in ten categories for their contributions to the region’s tech ecosystem.

BYL: Alibaba Cloud Project AsiaForward

As part of its Project AsiaForward initiative, Alibaba Cloud is partnering with tech ecosystem partners to celebrate the diverse achievements of tech-driven entities startups in Southeast Asia.

Known as AsiaStar 10×10, the initiative will award 100 companies, communities, and projects in ten categories across the region. Ten awardees will be chosen for each category. The categories are:

  1. Trailblazers are Series B to pre-IPO companies that have played an essential role in driving technological innovation in the region.
  2. Gamechangers made moves that set precedents or broke records in Southeast Asia.
  3. The Growth list includes early-stage startups that are developing unique and innovative products and solutions, and have raised funds up to Series B.
  4. Enablers are SaaS companies that provide crucial support to enterprises of every stripe.
  5. Explorers are Chinese startups that have successfully ventured into the region and established a strong presence.
  6. Open Source highlights projects that have accelerated the region’s digitalization by giving other entities the tools they need to build new applications.
  7. The Frontiers category includes startups that are developing deeply technical products, such as quantum computing, biotech and medical advancements, space tech, and more.
  8. The Impact category comprises startups that have brought about significant grassroots-level advancements where they operate.
  9. Investors are the equity firms that provide the fuel startups need to grow, and are evaluated for the impact they showcase.
  10. Launchpads are educational institutions, incubators, and accelerators that have provided safe environments to nurture great startups.

The awardees will be selected from the list of final nominees curated by representatives of Alibaba Cloud, government agencies, investors, industry experts, and media outlets. They will consider a variety of factors, such as revenue, funding, impact, uniqueness, potential, and more.

These are the final nominees for each category: